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Julie Kumari aspires to become an agricultural scientist.

Julie Kumari aspires to become an agricultural scientist.

In 2021, Julie Kumari accomplished a remarkable feat by securing a first division in the Class 10 board exam.

Amid a sea of successful students, the remarkable journey of Shivanand Mehta and his daughter from Srinagar block in Purnia district, Bihar, stands out. Shivanand, a hardworking labourer farmer, and his daughter Julie Kumari have defied the odds, with Julie securing the top position in the Bihar Joint Entrance Examination.

Julie’s academic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. In 2021, she accomplished a remarkable feat by excelling in her Class 10 board exam and securing a first division with flying colours. Undeterred by the challenges, she continued to shine in 2023, triumphing once again with another first division in her Class 12 board exam.

However, what makes her parents burst with pride is Julie’s outstanding performance in the agriculture entrance exam, where she claimed the top position. For her labourer father, this achievement feels like a validation of his years of hard work, knowing that his efforts have truly paid off.

With her exceptional performance as the top scorer in the Bihar Joint Entrance Examination for Agriculture, Julie’s dreams of becoming an agricultural scientist have taken flight. The news of her success has spread like wildfire, bringing boundless joy and celebration to her village, Khutti Ghunaili Panchayat, Ward No. 9, in Purnia district, as well as the residents of Srinagar block. The entire community is beaming with pride, showering Julie with their heartfelt support and encouragement.

Julie Kumari is driven by the same unwavering work ethic as her hardworking father, propelling her academic success. Inspired to make a difference in agriculture, she aspires to become an agricultural scientist. Alongside her twin sister and brother, Julie forms a close-knit family where both daughters excel academically, while actively contributing to household chores. Their harmonious balance of studies and responsibilities reflects their determination and unity at home.

Farmer Shivanand said that he has never differentiated between his daughters and sons when it comes to education. In his eyes, all three children are equal, and he has ensured that they receive equal opportunities to pursue their studies. Julie, being the brightest among them, will undoubtedly be sent to college for her higher education. Her outstanding achievements speak for themselves, as she secured the first position in the OBC category and an impressive second position in the general category statewide.


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