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Business News/ News / Eye infections during monsoon season: Here are some warning signs of conjunctivitis with cure and treatment


1/9Among the various eye infections, conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is the most prevalent during this time (HT_PRINT)

2/9Swelling: Infections may cause swelling in the eyelids or other areas of the eye, leading to a puffy and painful sensation. 

3/9Redness: The appearance of redness in the conjunctiva, the white part of the eye, is a key indicator of an eye infection. The infected eye may appear bloodshot and feel gritty, irritated, or itchy.

4/9Blurry Vision: Eye infections can cause temporary vision blurriness. Seeking prompt medical attention is crucial, as this visual disturbance may be accompanied by other symptoms. 

5/9Abnormal eye discharge: Eye discharge, which can be watery, yellow, green, or white, is a common symptom of an eye infection. This fluid may crust around the eyelids, particularly after waking up. (PTI)

6/9Photophobia: Increased sensitivity to light is another typical sign of eye infections. Those affected may experience pain or discomfort when exposed to bright lighting.  (Hindustan Times)

7/9Avoiding touching eyes: To prevent eye infections during the monsoon season, individuals can take preventive measures, such as avoiding touching the eyes with dirty hands, washing hands frequently, and keeping the eyes clean (Hindustan Times)

8/9Staying away from crowded places: Staying away from crowded places if any symptoms of eye infection arise as it can help protect others from catching the infection.

9/9Seek immediate medical help: Seek medical assistance promptly to receive appropriate care, prevent the spread of infection, and ensure the well-being of the affected individual’s eyes.



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