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Salman Khan scolds Elvish Yadav during Weekend Ka vaar

Salman Khan scolds Elvish Yadav during Weekend Ka vaar

Salman Khan gave Elvish Yadav a reality check for his bad behaviour towards the contestant.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 is one of the most popular reality shows. With each passing day, the show is getting more interesting. This Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan was not seen in a good mood as he slammed contestants for their behaviour. Among them was Elvish Yadav. The actor slammed him after he used foul language against Bebika Dhurve.

In the video, shared by a fan on Twitter, Salman Khan taunted Elvish. He asked him if his fans have joined him after giving Rs 1000. When Elvis replied that they began following him for free, Salman said, “Free mein. Toh yeh aapki fan army hai. Ek kaam kar lo yeh agar aapke liye jaan den denge na toh bolna jaan mat dena bhai 500 rupay mein mujhe follow kar lena. Mujhe dekhna hai kitna loyalist hai aapke. Bola yeh toh free mein hai. Ab mujhe dekhna hai ki mere loyal fan army sirf 500 rupay mein. Kya lagta hai kitne log aayenge.”

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Following this, Elvish Yadav is seen having a conversation with his mother and breaking down. The makers showed the promo in which Salman said to him, “You should also know a woman’s point of view also.”

Meanwhile, there were rumours that Salman Khan would be quitting Bigg Boss OTT 2. But the actor rubbished the reports and told ANI, “My fans are my biggest achievement and pride! I am what I am because of them. Yes, I lose my cool on the show and sometimes even walk out but I always come back only and only for my fans who patiently wait for my Weekend ka Vaar.”


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