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Anju, an Indian mother of two, who reportedly married with her Pakistani Facebook friend Nasrullah, has denied the rumors of her marriage and referred to them as “baseless speculations” during a video call with his father Gaya Prasad Thomas, a report by Live Hindustan said on Sunday.

In the call, Gaya expressed his disappointment and questioned why she went to Pakistan and got married without informing her family, the report added. 

Anju has also sent a message to her father, saying that she was “dead” to him and asked him not to contact her again.

Anju travelled to Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and married her Facebook friend there on Tuesday.

On July 27, Gaya Prasad expressed his sorrow and disappointment at his daughter’s actions.

“She is as good as dead for the family. She has no right to come back to India. If she returns, then she has to face strict punishment. What she did is wrong and people who do that deserve punishment,” he had told ANI.

Further, talking about the same, Thomas said that Anju has no right to take her two children.

“India is a respectable country and I’m ashamed of what she did and apologised to the government. He added that she doesn’t have any right to take her two children. Don’t let her touch them,” he said.

Urging to the government of India, he said, “Her action and name are a taint on us therefore I requested to remove my name from my daughter’s name.”

In a rerun of Seema Haider’s case, Anju, who hails from Rajasthan, allegedly crossed over to Pakistan to meet her lover. The woman is a resident of Bhiwadi and married with two kids. However, unlike Seema, Anju was granted entry into Pakistan by the authorities on the basis of a visa.

“We don’t have any relations with her (Anju). The moment she left India, we cut off all ties with her. I had never imagined that my daughter could do something like this. What she has done is very shameful,” said Gaya Prasad earlier.

Anju’s husband– Arvind Kumar said that before leaving, his wife told him that she is visiting one of her friends in Jaipur.

“I got a voice call last night, she said that I am in Lahore. I have no idea why she went to Lahore and how she got the visa and other stuff. She informed me that she will return within two to three days,” Kumar said while speaking to ANI.

Rajasthan Police took cognizance of the matter and initiated a preliminary investigation.

As per Bhiwadi ASP Sujit Shankar, prima facie indicates that it is a matter of love affair. The police official also added that action will be taken against Anju if any fake document is used to cross the border. 

“Prima facie, this can be a matter of love affair, but we can’t say anything until concrete evidence is found. We will not take any formal investigation since no complaint has been received. There are acts like the Passport Act and others, action can be taken against her if any fake document has been used to cross over. All angles will be investigated if necessary,” the police official said.

Earlier, Haider had crossed over into India illegally to move in with her Indian lover, Sachin Meena. The Pakistani national Seema Haidar met her Indian lover over the popular online game PUBG.

(With inputs from ANI)

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